Biography Thijs Sterk born on May 11th in 1903 at Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

His teacher (an amateur painter himself) notices Thijs' drawing talent at primary school. He stimulates him and gives him the first drawing- and painting material.

1927 - 1932 Thijs wants to become a painter and expects to reach this by working with a firm where paintings were manufactured in mass production;

1930 He soon realizes his mistake and starts to attend evening drawing lessons at the Hendrick de Keyserschool in Amsterdam ;

1932 Obtains the drawing teacher's certificate ;

1933 - 1935 Admitted to evening classes at the Rijksacacdemie voor Beeldende Kunst in Amsterdam ;

1935 - 1939 Day courses at the same college:
3 years painting directed by professor Wolter
1 year monumental art directed by professor Campendonck;


Thijs Sterk in his Studio
1939 Working as a supervisor of leaded windows at the workshop of Joep Nicolas at Roermond Receives
a scholarship awarded by the Committee of Royal Subsidies to young painters;