. My father used to say: "Adults do not like to draw because it makes them feel uncomfortable." Most of the men only had drawing experience as children. Contrary to the Amsterdam schoolboys these participants were motivated which made teaching them a pleasant job.

It was the same with the agricultural college teachers, who had hardly anything to do with the arts.

For these girls his work was their first experience with art. Years later, when my father had to stop teaching because of equilibrium problems, they still came to ask how he was.

Although he liked teaching at the agricultural college, it often happened he forgot about his classes because he was too occupied with his own work. In those days I started my education at a textile college. Textiles had, since his dye experiment, my father's interest. Very vaguely I remember his endeavor to make a weaving loom out of a wring machine
Sketch paper

He must have had a great interest in weaving. He bought the book " New American Tapestry Weaving" (1965) which was to become my bible. He possessed a very somber and picturesque tapestry made by the Dutch textile artist Josje Smit, whom he really admired.