The expression of light, space and water

Leo Duppen

In 1969 Thijs Sterk painted a water scene which he entitled "Loosdrecht".

It is one of the few paintings he dated and it marks the transition of an accurate reproduction of nature to the experience of nature in almost abstract paintings.

Until 1965 Thijs Sterk had to divide his artistic aspirations between monumental commissions and teaching. The care for his wife and six children obliged him to do so.

He did not have a lot of time left to paint other than in water-colour.

The multitude of water-colours in his inheritance outdoes the number of paintings in the more laborious oil paint by far. Subject of his water paintings is mainly the landscape that he crossed during his study tours. France was his favorite destination. Also Still Lives with flowers tempted him to a spontaneous registration in water-colour
Loosdrecht 1969 olieverf 75 x 95

ESome of them he later developed in oil paintings. Most of them remained impressions of a particular moment, true to reality. The more remarkable is his breakthrough in water scenes.